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Tourist Guides

Any person authorised to have a traveller who is willing to pay on local sightseeing excursion can be called a tourist guide. A tourist guide can either be a person or a book while the former accompanies the tourist and explains the details of the places visiting and in case of books the tourist can be read himself and he tries to acquire knowledge about the place is about to visit
A tourist guide is often called a a cultural ambassador of the nation. He explain monuments, social customs, political history, art, literature, religion, philosophy, paintings, economy, scientific development, festivals and fares etc. thus a guide is acting as a sort of living encyclopaedia who directly links between the tourist with the culture, history and social heritage of the country visited y the tourist and he is an unofficial ambassador or the country.
Training of Guides
There are three different grades of guides. The A Grade guides are trained by the tourist of the department of tourism. Whenever they feel that there is necessity of more number of guides graduates who had taken history as one of the subjects in the degree course and proficient in one or more foreign language, they are selected and given three months training course includes lecture on monuments, their origin, history, salient features and classification of hotels
Guiding Monuments
A guide before taking a tourist party to the monument must know the country of origin of the guest and their profession and thereby judge their receiving capacity. He should remember some monuments with which the guest are likely to be familiar. Such comparison may be needed for introducing the subject matter
The guide must know the following details of the monuments
1. The year or roughly the century and its prominent builder
Eg. Taj Mahal was built by Shajahan in 1653
2. History on behalf of the Monument
Eg. Taj Mahal is made in memory of Mumtaz Begum
3. Causes of decay ie some monuments are ruined by time and certain others have been destroyed by earthquakes or in wars
4. Dimension of the building including garden
5. The archaeological features and style of architecture employed
Eg. Sree Padmanabha Swamy Temple in Thiruvanthapuram displace Dravidian style of architecture
6. Decorative feature such as floors and ceiling etc.
7. Historical Importance
Guiding in wildlife Parks
If a guide is taking around a group of tourists in a wild life sanctuary following points should be narrated to the visitors
1. Animals and birds which are likely to come across
2. How to identify different species
3. Their migratory habits
4. What they eat
5. Their life span
6. Breeding habits
7. If hunting a restricted, tell the visitor which are the animals exempted
8. Fur and its products
Subsidiary Duties of a guide
1. Helping the tourist of selection of good food and drinks and the restaurants of particular district
2. Purchase of Post Cards, books, stamps etc
3. Offering of Tips to waiters and drivers
4. Choosing other places of interest nearby the town visiting
5. Suggesting itineraries
6. Booking after confirmation of flights or booking rooms in hotels with or without the help of travel agents
He protects the visitor from unofficial currency brokers and beggars. He advices the guest about carrying whole drinks, packed lunch etc. at the monuments he advice the best angle for taking photographs and explains customs to be adopted before entering temples and mosques. The tourist has to remove their shoes before entering temples. In dancing hall explains the background and significance of different poses. He also advice the tourist about clothing and at restaurants he explained various dishes of the menu and about paying tips.
He must be courteous, polite and should never argue with the tourist even if there is some misunderstanding. He should be neat and clean in his appearance and dress. He should always offer the guest to the tourist.


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