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Negative Aspects of Tourism


Value of tourism to the national economy in terms of earning much needed foreign exchange attracting capital investment and providing employment is very much appreciate. But unfortunately in certain cases tourism itself may be the course of min of urban and rural areas.

Tourism development makes the demand on some of land. It must be made available for tourist expansion activities. This will result in acquiring land, currently being used for agricultural purposes. The traditional farmers are driven away from their job. In some cases they also think that it is profitable to start a business associated with tourism. In either case agriculture production decreases Tourism also inflates the land prices of that particular area.

Again opening an area for tourism may provide new amenities for the local residents and there are several instances there the local populates are restricted in using the amenities. If a cultural activity is conducted the tourist are given more reference. And in some areas only international tourist are allowed to use some special areas exclusively reserved for them. Thus there is a conflict between the needs of the resident population. There are often descripts between tourists and local residents

The tourism have sometimes created environmental problems. Many beautiful and attractive are distributed by traffic problems when more parking area made available for tourist traffic again there will be environmental problems and encroachments on nature. When the waterways are developed for promoting tourism at need deepening and the deepening activities made the water termagant and the muddy water kills fish and other vegetation which provide food for fish life. In addition spillage of out sports the water destroying organisms which are eaten by the fish. As population grows the beaches are made as company sights. And the sewage and other wastes are directly deposited in the coastal area. It flows backs and deposited in the beaches by the tides. Increased use of motor cars pollute the area.

Another problem causes by the development of tourism is the seasonal nature of tourism Vast Land and huge investments are set apart for seasonal use. From during the day seasons there will be also problems for employees working in the tourism industry.

Tourism might also have undesirable social effects. The development of luxury tourism is countries or areas unless having standards are low will create social unrest. Nature culture and tradition may be weekend and destroyed by the locals of the areas, especially the youth are attracted by foreign way of living which are not smiled for their region. In some cases historical moments and other places of beauty we disfigured and destroyed by terrorists.

Tourist on holiday especially international tourist seldom eat local food resulting in large quantities of import of foreign food items. In that cases local farmers their own find a market for their products

In some places wildlife are being threatened by tourists. At one time there were no motor boats. But with the introduction of motor boats many animals were forced to more away from then natural habitats. In bird sanctures due to the problem created by the resorts the number of migrating birds frequently resting such areas are considerably decreased. In most areas expansion is done without taking care of the nature ultimately the beauty of that places vanishes


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