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Airport Authority of India


The International Airport Authority of India was set up in 1972 as an autonomous corporation to manage and develop the four international airports of that time. The corporation has a director board of 9 members. And the authority has a chairman nominated by central government. There is a management committee which includes chief engineer, chief of operations, chief security of vigilance officer, director of personal, director of planning, director of planning, director of finance and accounts, director of engineering operations, director for cargo and public relations manager. The chairman is a full time member and other members may be full time or part time according to the decision of central government.

1. To manage the international airports efficiently. The authority under the act of Parliament may plan, develop, construct and maintain runways, taxiways, airports and terminals and other building at the airport
2. Construct residential building and township for the employees. Establish and maintain hotels, restaurants, rest homes at or near the airports
3. Construction of warehouses for the storage of processing of goods
4. Arrange postal, insurance, telephone and money exchange facilities for travellers and other persons at the airport.
5. Make appropriate arrangements for watch and ward at the airport
6. Development of consultancy services in India and abroad in relation to planning and development of airports and other facilities connected with it
7. Regulate and control the paying of vehicles and entry and exit of passengers and visitors with due regard to those protocol function of the Government of India.
8. Provide such transport facilities as are in the opinion of the authority necessary for passengers travelling by air
9. Take all such efforts as may be necessary or convenient or may be identical to the exercise of any powers or the discharge of any function imposed on it by the act. (International Airport Authority Act 43/1971)

Source of Income

As an autonomous corporation the corporation has to find its own resources for the purpose
a) The authority has been empowered charge levy for landing, housing and parking of aircrafts
b) Amenities provided to passengers and visitors
c) Carrying on trade or business at the airports
The main source of the revenue of the authority is from aircrafts landing, housing and parking charges

Present Condition
At present India has 26 International airports. The IAAI experts has been recognised by a large number of countries and international financial institutions like world bank, international bank for reconstruction and development, the Asian Development Bank, The International civil aviation organisation etc. in India IAAI experts has been recognized by the defence ministry and the designing , construction and extension of runways managed by defence ministry are done by the corporation

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