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Festivals of India


India is one of the most ancient cultural myths and legends. A large number of festivals connected with those are celebrated in india. Each of these has its own specialities and most of them are connected with religions. Festivals connected with New year, Harvest, zonal and lunar eclipse, seasons are also being celebrated.

Holi festival is one of colour . about 30 miles from Madurai there are 2 villages, Barsana the village of Radha and Nandagaon land of Nandagopan- grandfather of Lord Krishna. On the first day of holi women of Barsana challenge the men of Nandagaon and spray colour dyes and colour powders. On the next day the women of Nandagaon attack the men of Barsana. Holi is celebrated all over India.

At Mysore in Karnataka it is a 10 days long affair. When the city of magnificient palaces and temples are filled with music, dances and drama. The festival celebrates the victory of good over evil. The distraction of Mahishasura by the goddess chamundeswari. There is an impressive procession of caparisoned elephants and the former ruler of Mysure takes part in the celebrations at Kullu in Himachal Pradesh duessehra is celebrated in an unusual manner which lasts for 7 days. The statue of Reghunadji is brought from Temple at sultanpur in chariot and decorated with Garlands surrounded by other local gods. Glowing trumpets beating grums and dancing to play homage to Lord Rekhunadhji who is the presiding diety of the valley. At the end of the celebration Rekhunadhji is taken back to Sultanport

It is a festival of lights and celebrated to remember the return of Lord Sri Rama to Ayodhya after 14 years of exit. It pass the marks of the starting of Hindu New Year. In Bengal people worship Kali and images of Kali immerced in the river or sea. In some parts of the country people worship Lakshmi Goddess of wealth and prosperity.

Chariot Festival

It is celebrated in Puri in Orissa and attracts thousand of pilgrims from all part of the country. It is held in honor of Lord Jagannadh-Lord of the Universe. The most impressive part of the festival is the chariot procession. 3 decorated temple chariots resembling a temple structure are drawn through the streets of Puri by thousands of pilgrims. In each chariot different deities are seated. Jagannadh, his brother Narabhadra and sister Subhadra are the dieties. The two kilometre procession to the country house of Krishna takes about 24 hours.

It is the birthday of Lord Krishna celebrated all over India, especially in Madhurai where Krishna spends his childhood

Ganesh Festival
Ganesh the deity with an elephants head is the god of good omen worship by most Hindus in Maharashtra. There the festival is celebrated with tremendous enthusiasm. The festival last for eleven days from the 10th day of lunar month. Bhadrapada to the fourteenth day of the same month anand chadurdasi idols of Ganesh in various sizes are brought to a public base and install. It is worship for 10 days with great devotion and joy. On the last day of idols are taken in huge procession for immersion in river or sea

Meenakshi Kalyanam
Celebrated in temple town of Madhurai and last for 10 days. This divine wedding with Meenakshi (Parvathi) and Lord Sundareswar (Lord Siva). He is observed annually in the Tamil month of Chithirai on the occasion of decorated chariot carrying the two ideal of the couple is taken around the town. As the procession passes people offers coconuts, flowers, camphor and agarbathies

It is known as as Makar Samkranthi celebrated in the middle of January which marks the beginning of the northerly journey of the son and in a estival connected with harvest. The 4 day festival commences on the last day of Tamil month Margazhi Pongal which is for domestic observance. Next day on the Surya Pongal newly harvested rice is cooked and offered to the sun. the 3rd day Mattu Pongal is dedicated to the cows. They are washed and decorated their horns are painted and fed with cooked rice offered to the sun. on the 4th day of Pongal festival Jellikkattu taming of fericous bulls. When the farmers plume their powers in games like b ull fight , snatching the money decks tied between the hornes of fierce bulls. This sport is best in Alaganallur.

Festival marks the advent of monsoon. Celebrated on the 3rd day of month shravana according to the Hindu Laltez. This is a women festival and they worship Parvathi. Women dress in the breast and believe the goddess will bestow mental bliss.

Dedicated t goddess gauri (Parvathi). It is celebrated in Jaipur. Primarly celebrated prime women. It begins on the day of holi and lasts for 18 days. Married women wear briadal dress, plucked flowers from the garden and glow water from the well singing song, praising the goddess by those married pray for the long life of their husbands. Young girls pray fro groom who is cherish them for their lifetime. On the 17th day following holi goddess Gauri carried in a palanquin in a procession lead by elephants, camels, horses with dances and musicians

Basanth Panchami
Celebrated in the honour of Godess Saraswathi who is the goddess of Knowledge and Music

Pushkar Mela
It got the name from the Pushkar Lake near Ajmeer where it is held annually. According to thelegend a lotus fell dwon from the hands of Lord Brahma and the lake was formed there. There is a temple dedicated to Brahma on the side of the lake. A dip in the holi waters of the lake is considered auspisious. A huge cattle market where farmers sell cattles, cames and horses is another attraction

Hola Mahola
Celebrated in Anandpur Shib in Punjab. It is celebrated on the day subsequent to Holi. It is a festival of Nihams the discontacts of the late Sikh Guru Govind Singh. It is a festival of fun and colour and an occasion for displaying stall in martial arts. The Nihams on this day are dressed in Gloom and are armed with weapons. A colourful procession is a part of the festival

Guru Nanak Jayanthi
It is the birthday of Guru Nanak the founder of Sikh Community

Budha Poornima
It remarks the birth and salvation of Budha-the founder of budhism. He was born in Lumbini in 563 BC. He attended enlightment and died on the same day. The best place to see the celebration is Saranadh near Varanasi.

Basanth Utsav
Celebrated in Shanti Niketan in East Bengal. Where in india celebrates holi at the same time. Students of santhi niketan celebrated basanth utsav to welcome springs. Students of santhi niketan gather for a procession carrying tichcans or sprayers. Full of liquid dies. They dressed in yellow clothes and wear garlandsand sing and dance. Mostly tagore compositions. Colours of the sprayers and thrown upto each other

Celebrated in the mugal gardens of Kashmir and remarks Hindu Solar new year day. The festival is also observed in Tamilnadu.

The muslims after 1 months fasting celebrates Ramadan. On the first day of sharal of Hijra calendar.

It commemorate the matrydom of Iman Hussain the grandson of prophet Mohammed. Celebrated in Delhi, Hyderabad and Lucknow

It is a festival celebrated all over the world. It isto commemorate the sacrifice of Ibrahim Nabi.

Christmas (X Mas)
It is the birthday of Jesus Christ. There will be special services in Christian churches. People celebrating the festival that exchanging greetings and after gifts.

Chapchar Kut
At the end of February when winter starts receding the mizos prepare the bund for fresh planting. There are a few days of relaxation before the serious business of seeding starts. And that is meant the Chapchar Kut festival is celebrated. The celebrations are flagged off by the father of the festival along with his wife. Both dressing the tribal costumes and a colourful flag is hoisted and a messge is given to the participants. The tribal youth and and old dressed in their traditions costumes. Dance displaying the last of the region. One dance Cheraw is very popular. Long bamboo poles laid side by side close to each other. Two participants at two ends keep morning the poles sideways by swiftly with a distinct rhythm.

Hemis Festival
Hemis the monastery on Ladakh is the sight of hemis festival commerate of the birth anniversary of Guru Padmasambhava. Masked dances, Play the fights between good spirit and demons with sound of of symbols drums and pipes. Young and old lamas lake active participation the festival of these days

Khajuraho Festival

In olden days the Devadasies danced in the temple courtyards in front of the alters. Dance itself was their worship. Today the dance festival revive the intimate connection between the classical dance and the temples noted the magnificient chandela temple of famous sculptures and architecture in the backgrounds. Some of the most famous classical dances of India performs their dances in front of an international audience. It is celebrated in March

Elephenta Festival
About nine nautical miles from Mumbai lies the cave temple of Elephenta. The main attraction is the Mahesh Moorth Temple. Once a year exclusive community of classical musician and dances of India see the blessing of Lord Siva the nataraja is also the patrent deity of all dances. The festival is organised by Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC)

Ellora Festival

In March Kathak, Maniuri, Odissia nd Bharathanatyam dances perform the dance festival. There is also a musical festival conducted in Ellora at the same time


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