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Accommodation is a very important part of tourism infrastructure and adequate supply of accommodation and catering to requirement of tourist market is one of the basic conditions of tourism development. The expansion of tourism will in turn bring about development of accommodation. The term accommodation is a comprehensive one including all facilities used for journey of a traveller and can be divided into hotel accommodation and supplementary accommodation. Although hotels have been the principle form of accommodation there has been growth and development of some other forms of accommodation for the years. The demand for accommodation for the tourist was met by variety of facilities ranging from inns, private hotels, taverns of early nineteenth century to the youth hostels and camping sights of modern times


In broad term hotels provide facilities to meet the needs of a traveller or it is a place which supplies food and lodging. A definition of a hotel as a business entirely worthy of study was presented by hotel operators to the national recovery administration in Washington in 1933. This definition as formulated by Stuart Mc Namara was in “ Primary and fundamentally hotel is an establishment which supplies boarding and lodging not engaged in interstate commerce, competitive with or affecting inter state commerce or so related there to that regulation of the one involves the control of the others but is a quasi domestic institution retaining from its modern development certain statutory rights and obligations to the public where all persons not disqualified by condition or conduct prepared to pay for their accommodation are to be received and furnished with a room or place to sleep or occupy of such accommodation are available and with such services and attentions as are incident to their use of the hotel as a form or with food at stipulated prizes and with or without contract as to duration of visit and which conducts within the limits of its physical location, this business of supplying personal services of individual for profit. Incidental to such fundamental and principal business, the hotel may furnish quarters and facilities for social, business for entertainment purposes and may engage inventing portions for shops and business according to the rules of the hotel”

Types of Hotels

Over the years the concept of hotels have changed a great deal. There are various types of hotels catering to the increasing demand of tourists. The sights, architectural features, location and the facilities and amenities provided differ from one establishment to another. Following are the main types of Hotels

1.International Hotel

International Hotels are the modern western style hotel situated in almost all metropolitan and other large cities as well as principle tourist centres. This hotels are luxury hotels and are classified for the basis of internationally accepted system of classification. There are five types of star hotels ranging from five star to one star depending upon the facilities and services provided various facilities provided including well appointed reception and information counter, banquet halls etc. there are also a no.of shops, travel agency money changing and safe deposit facility and restaurant facilities mass bar and banqueting are integral part of the business of a hotel. The various services provided in this hotels include international, local cuisine food and beverage services and speciality restaurant. This hotel also provide entertainment for the guest in the form of various dance and music programmes. A no.of this hotels belong to the luxury category. There are some international chains which own a large number of such luxury hotels. The various departments in this hotels are managed by qualified persons with experience in the field of catering. The potential of the hotels is limited to large business and commercial towns.


Resort hotel cater to the needs of holiday makers and those who by reason of health desire a change of atmosphere. Resort hotels are located near the sea mountains and other areas of natural beauty. Rest, relaxation and entertainment are the key factors around which resorts are built. The primary motive or person visiting resort hotel is rest and relaxation
The types of services and amenities located in resort includes recreational facilities such as swimming pool, gold and tennis course and other various indoor sports. Other important amenities includes coffee shops, restaurants, conference halls and shopping facilities
Resort can be various types and can be divided on the basis of climate and topography. Broadly they followed the following categories. Summer resort, winter resorts, hill resorts, all season resorts, beach resorts, health resorts
Majority of the resort hotels are seasonal establishments which work to the capacity during the high tourist season. Generally the high tourist season is the period when there are holidays at educational institution. However to increase sales certain special facilities had various concessions to the guests like reduced tariffs, free entertainment sight seeing trips are also provided during off seasons

3.Commercial Hotels

The commercial hotels direct their appeal primarily to the individual traveller as compared to international or resort hotels where the focus is on the group traveller. Most of the commercial hotels receive the guests who are on business. As the hotel caters primarly to peoples who are visiting a place for commerce or business. These core located in important commercials and industrial centres of large town cities. In some of the large industrial town commercial hotel exists complete with restaurants and garage or those travelling by a motor car.

4.Residential Hotels
These hotels can be described as apartment plus complete hotel service. The tariff of a room in this hotel is charged on monthly or half yearly or yearly and charged for either furnished or unfurnished accommodation. These hotels which are located mostly in big cities oerate exclusively under the European plan. Where no meals are provided to the guests. This type of hotels are very common in United States an d Western Europe

5.Floating Hotels

These hotels are located in the water surface. It may be on sea water, river water or on a lake. All the facilities and services of a hotel are provided in this hotel. This hotels are very popular in European Countries. In many countries old luxury ships have been converted into floating hotels and are providing luxury services. In india floating hotels in the form of houseboats are very popular in the Kashmir and Kerala regions

Supplementary Accommodation

These can be various types and can be classified on the basis of its location, types of construction, types of management etc. Supplementary accommodation consist of various types of accommodation other than the conventional hotel type. All the establishments under the heading of supplementary accommodation are designed to offer accommodation in broad since of term where travellers can stay overnight and also they can get meals. All the payments should be in cash. The standard comfort is moderate compared to that of a hotel. There are certain advantage for these type of accommodation. Like moderate prize in formal atmosphere more freedom with regards to dress etc. there is also more emphasis on entertainment and sports resulting in increased contract among the residence. Following are the principal form of supplementary accommodation


The concept of motels originated in the United States of America. Motel was meant for local motorists and foreign tourists travelling by road. It is designed to serve the needs of motorists, motel almost exclusively meet the demand of accommodation. The important services provided by motels includes parking garage, facilities, public catering and recreational facilities. So all the motels are equipped with filling station, garage and accessory shop. If the guest wants to repair his vehicle the equipment and tools are provided with their moderate charges. The price charged for accommodation and meals are very cheap. Motels are mostly located outside the city limits or at important road junctions. Some motels provide just the minimum services while others provide comfortable facilities. The accommodation is moderately good and there will be a restaurant with a fixed menu. Shopping facilities are also provided for travelling public

2.Youth Hostels
Youth hostels appeared first in Germany in the year 1900.now it is spread rapidly all over the world with the aim of promoting youth tourism. In formal days youth hostels functioned in inns. Accommodation and services included dormitories with adequate supply of sheets and blankets. Large rooms in the inns were used as dining and living rooms providing till board at low cost to the guest. There were also provision of kitchen facilities of those who wanted to prepare food for themselves. The persons staying in the inns were themselves requested to took after the inn
But in course of time exclusive youth hostels were constructed to accommodate youth travellers. Now a days youth hostel can defined as a building which offers clean, moderate and inexpensive shelter to young people exploring their own country or other countries and travelling in groups. The objective of youth hostel is not merely to provide accommodation and board but also to serve as centres which offer opportunity ot young people coming from different parts of the world to know and understand each other. It is a place of friendship and recreational. Most of the countries youth hostels are developed and managed by a non commercial organization whose aim is to develop youth tourism

The construction of youth hostels based on certain conditions laid down from time to time all over the world. The international requirement includes provision of separate dormitories for men and women, clean toilets, washrooms for men and women, a kitchen where hoteliers can prepare their own meals, left baggage room etc. there is also a provision of kitchen where staffs can prepare meals, separate small room for instructions, during rooms and class rooms for school parties and wanderers office. Some youth hostels have play grounds attached for the use of hosteliers

3.Caravan and Camping Sights

Caravan and camping sights constitute a significant role in many holiday areas. They are very popular in some European countries and U.S.A. they are also known as open air hotels or tourist campus. The sights are usually located in large cities in open spaces. They are equipped to receive mobile accommodation in the form of caravan. The camping sights provide facilities for parking, tent pitching, water, electricity, toilet etc. the service provided generally include restaurants, recreational room, toilets and at certain places a glossers shop


The type of accommodation in very popular in European countries particularly in Italy, Austria, Germany and Swiss. It is also described as private hotels or guest house. Here catering facilities are optional and are usually restricted to residence


They are identical to the resort hotel and are located near mineral springs and foundations which have medicinal value. They are very common in European countries and were developed in the 16th and 17th century of to take advantage of the medicinal quality of mineral water
6. Viharas or Dharmasalas or Musafirkhanas
This establishments existed in India even from ancient times. They were mostly built by Budhist monks in order to provide food and shelter to all travellers and pilgrims and are mostly located in ancient routes. The service was free

7. Sarais

It was built by kings on either side of the road to provide food and shelter for merchants and state officials

8. Inns

Inns were very common in European countries. During the 17th and 18th centuries the facilities provided is increased this paved the way for the development of hotels. English common law declared inn to be a public house and imposed social responsibilities for the inn keeper

9. Lodging Houses

It provided only room but no food is served. The proprietor may receive whom he wishes and makes a contract according to stay

10. Bed and Breakfast Establishment (B&B)
It represents a growing from of accommodation catering to holiday makers as well as business travellers. This is also known as apartments. It provide only accommodation and breakfast

11. Tourist Holiday Village
The type of establishment were started after the 2nd world war and are located in economically under developed regions. Holiday villages are self sufficient with comfortable hiring rooms, bath rooms, kitchen and laundry. All the necessities required by the residents are provided in the village. Besides accommodation village provides extensive sports and recreational facilities, riding, swimming, tennis, yogo etc. telephones, radio and TV are banned. In case of emergency they will be used. Valuables at money are locked away the beginning of ones stay. Instead of money one can use colourful beads which can be worn as bracelets etc. the staff are highly educated. Tourists holiday villages helped to develop regions economy


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