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Generally tourism involves the idea of movement from one place to another. And tourism shares this characteristic with travel. Travel is a movement from one place and rapidly growing reality. The development of transport technology and improvement in political, economical and social levels made tourism within reach of many people

   Since the existence men has been forced to travel. In early period the travel was for food, shelter or out of curiosity of environment. The early movements were without any plans, directions or destination.

   With further passage of time man understood the art of travelling. Especially with the formation of societies. But travelling in those days was hard due to the absence of roads and other transport facilities and this slowly lead to the development of land routes and also sea and river navigations. The main motivation of travel of this period were propagation of religion, pilgrimage or exploration of unknown places.

    Romans were the first persons who introduces leisure travel or plea sure travel. They had a good empire and had a large amount of money collected as tax from the tennance. This make them pleasure loving. The tourism word gained momentum with introduction of pleasure travel.

   The journey through France, Germany, Switzerland and Italy in royal style is the first recorded organised tour and they are called the grand tour.

   The historical and industrial regulations provided new dimensions to the field of tourism. It opened the chance of faster travelling and provides the necessities and facilities required for the traveller. It is the invention of steam ships and railways travel because cheaper and softer and it was during this times animal holiday and holiday with wages were introduced. This made the middle class also so take part in pleasure travel. Other development is the transport is the production of motor cars.

   In the introduction of air crafts in the 20th century tourism gained new heights.

   The second world war brought an end for the theory of empire and new relation were born. This resulted in social economic and political changes. After this the standard of the people began to improve. And for the first time tourism was received as an eye in economic development. This made the government to take more responsibility for the promotion of tourism. Official travel organizations in national level were established in most of the European countries. A large number of tourist organizations were started during the period. International Union of Official Travel Organization (IUOTO) now called as International Air Transport Association (IATA) were started. India was the first developing country ot become a member of IATA. Air India also Joined IATA for about the same time

   In 1946 under the chairmanship of Sir John Seargeant a committee was appointed for advicing the Government and on the promotion of tourism development. The government set up in separate tourist traffic branch. In the ministry of transport in 1949 with the main objective of increasing tourist traffic in India. Later in 1951 Government of India tourist offices were started in Mumbai, Culcutta and Delhi. In 1958 a separate tourist department was created in the ministry of transport under the charge of a Director General who has under him one Deputy Director General and four directors each in charge of Administration, Publicity , Planning and development

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